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Politicians apparently still think curbing emissions is low priority to us. We are about to change that.

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Stop Climate Change

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Our goal is to create change

Imagine hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people all over the globe performing a bizarre act on the same day. Would that be newsworthy? Now imagine these mobs happening again and again. Imagine the news reporting about events even before they happen, adding to the hype. Imagine tens of millions joining over time.

Now imagine being a politician that wants to make a difference. Imagine being able to point to that and say “people clearly do care”. Would that help you?

Now imagine logging on to https://climateactiontracker.org/ from time to time. Imagine seeing all the countries in the world shifting towards the right. Imagine being able to say you helped them get there.

About Us

We believe we can not go on like this. 
We believe its actually quite easy to do much better. 
We believe many politicians want to, but lack the power. 

We believe only we, the people, can give them the power. 

We believe that together and in a fun way, we can put climate change at the top of the political agendas, and keep it there for as long as it takes.

This may disappoint you, but we are only average people.  

We fly towards most of our holidays. 
We turn up the heat indoors instead of wearing a sweater. 
We eat way more meat than is healthy for us. 
We could easily make do with more fuel efficient cars. 

And so on, and so on. 


Yes, we could easily deny ourselves such things.
But, in all fairness, we won’t. 
Not unless others do the same. 
And no-one else will, until the incentives change. 
Luckily, changing incentives is really simple.
We already have hired people tasked with this: our politicians.
All they have to do is shift some taxes and subsidies around.
So, lets take to the streets and demand they hurry up already!

How do the climate mobs work?

Anyone who emails the [email protected] address will be registered as a contact. About three days before the event, all contacts will receive the same mail with the instructions, date and time.

The place is a bit more tricky. That is why each time, the participants will be asked to set their alarms to a certain time. When clocks go off, the participants will know who else is in the game. 

The instructions should be executed from the moment the alarms start for the given duration (generally less than 3 minutes). Once the instructions have been executed everyone is expected to walk away, at least 100 meters and pretend nothing happened. 

Expect to have fun, to get noticed and to feel great afterwards! 

Maybe it goes without saying, but events should always, always, be peaceful and respectful. It should be safe for all adults and kids of all ages to attend. 

Be the awesome

without you we are doomed

extinction rebellion

climate strike

sunrise movement

When will we admit we have gone to far? Is it when the coral reefs are gone? Is it when the north pole ice is gone? Is it when half the worlds forests have burned down? Is it when heatwaves have killed a hundred thousand people in a single year? Just let me know, I am curious.

- Anonymous

Now, email to join us:  

For those of you worried about spam: we frankly do not need the money (we would also be asking for donations otherwise). We work exclusively with volunteers. Our only possible significant expense is contracting a professional service to push through millions of emails, which we have funding for already. Your emails will be coming in a two-factor authentication google-suite account with login codes coming in to an encrypted phone. We will of course only be sending emails BCC.