Bulk Mailing Server Setup

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Bulk Emailing Server Setup

Bulk Emailing Server Setup | SMTP Email Server Setup Solution |  WholeDatabase

bulk emailing server setup

bulk emailing server setup

Best in class Bulk Email Server Setup.

SMTP email server setup or mass mailing email server setup solution.

Everybody sell their emails on monthly rental basis but no one will provide you this kind of solution.

This is a unique solution of it’s kind in email marketing.



[su_spoiler title=”Can I bulk email server setup ready for email marketing for my own?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

Yes defiantly, we’ll provide you the whole SMTP email server setup to you.


[su_spoiler title=”Can I sell email to other like other email server provider in the market?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

Yes you can sell email credits to you customers on monthly or per email rental basis.


[su_spoiler title=”How can I check that this setup is working or not?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

We will the final check after successful server installation, in that we will check with you that server is working properly or not.


[su_spoiler title=”How much time you will take for whole setup?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

This will take 3-4 working days (Maximum) time frame for whole email server setup.


[su_spoiler title=”Why this will take 3 to 4 days to provide the data?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

It will take this much time only because we will provide you the Latest data, so you will not get the old data for promotion.


[su_spoiler title=”Can I send 1 Million records in one day?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

Yes you can send 1 million mail/day, With this server you can send 1 million records with this server setup.


[su_spoiler title=”Why I will Choose Bulk Email Setup from WholeDatabase?” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

First of all this is our unique and one of is kind solution for Bulk Emailing Server Setup | SMTP Email Server Solution.

Which is not currently providing in the market and we are only in this completion to provide this setup.



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