India’s Online Shoppers Database

It is always productive to buy an email database.

Since creating your list and gathering Millions of records will take a lot of time, effort and resources and many other complications will involve too hence it is better to do the hard job by business email database providers and gets the data from them and focuses on your main business.

There are some figure and fact which might be helpful before purchasing this database.

Number of Unique Records

You will get more than 13,688,361+ (>13 Million or >1.3 Crores) unique records for India’s Online Shoppers Database.

Accuracy, Bounce Rate

For any business, your potential customer database list is one of your most valuable assets. Without an accurate list, you can’t promote your business efficiently.

Hence you can get your required target audience databases from WholeDatabase.

You will get the best quality database from us compared to any other source. However, saying that the complete database is 100% accurate and with no bounces will be a lie.

No customer list is perfect, and no customer list is static – mistakes are made in collecting customer data, and as people switch jobs, stopping using particular inbox due to multiple email accounts, hence email addresses start bouncing.

Still, WholeDatabase tries continuously that you will get the best database for your business/services promotion.

You will get the database with less than 8% of total bounces on average. There may some categories which contain high bounce and there will some which contain no or very less bounce hence this 8% figure of bounces is the average of total database.

We can say this with confidence since our customer used this database since we are also providing own bulk mailing solution which used by our customer for sending bulk emails and these stats were collected from there.

So how we maintain the quantity of the database?

The most straightforward way to do this would be to email each and every last customer, track the bounces. Filter them and update your list.
Remove those bounces and keep doing it until you get a good list.

Of course, such a global email blast isn’t the most tactful way since the number for emails records will huge and sending to each and every user will take a lot of time, effort and resources.

The other way is to do it via Email Verification.

In this way, we simulate email sending. Before sending any email the sender server checks if the recipient server domain and MX records exist or not and then it checks for the email ID specifically.

This email verification process is also time-consuming and will require effort and resources and many other complications were also involved in it such as catch-all IDs, time to verification of the entire database, IP blacklisting etc.
With help of all these and many other processes, WholeDatabase is trying its best so that our customers will get the most accurate database.


Please find the sample of this database as follows.

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